Standing Orders for Cadets

Listed below are standing orders for all Cadets attending training events with 83 'Juno Beach' Squadron. 

1.    If you are not able to make it on a training night, please e-mail  Any text messages to our personal phones will be ignored and counted as an unexcused absent.  This is to limit any miscommunication.

2.    Cadets are to use chain of command.  Contact your Sergeants or Flight Sergeants for your flight FIRST.  If unsuccessful, the cadet may contact their Warrant Officer.

3.    Cadets are responsible for their own training.  If information was missed, it is up to the CADET to find out (from their Sgt or F/Sgt) what it was and how to apply the information.

4.    Signing up for events means you will be at that event.  The reason for the signup is for nominations for extra things such as summer camps, promotions, awards, special trips.  We also do signups to help us with budgeting.  Point system is going live effective immediately.  It will be weighed by signup vs actual attendance.  

5.    General questions may be sent to

6.  Cadets are required to bring a water bottle with them to training nights & activities. 

7.  Cadets are required to please BRING their cadet boots and wear other outdoor footwear to and from cadets.

8.  The chit system for the 2019/2020 Cadet Training Year