sign ups

Below you will find available sign ups for squadron activities! Please check the calendar for up to date information about them.

Parents, this is the new standard for sign ups now.  We will not be passing out the traditional paper copy. This is to be more secure and more reliable for information regarding certain activities your cadet may be signed up with.

Simply just click the link, fill out the information and sign up.  Any questions please feel free to contact us.

If you sign up, please show up.  If you are unable to make it, please delete your sign up or email to be excused from the activity.  

Note: Sign ups help us keep track of who is attending our training activities.  Remember, that attending training activities help you progress in your current training year and advance.  If you have any questions, please speak to the appropriate officer in charge.

Battle of Britain Parade - Sept 15, 2019

Fall FTX (Field Training Exercise AKA Camp) - Sept 20-22, 2019

Gliding & Fam Flying - TB A

Please note:
Please be sure to read the entire description before signing up