83 FUNDRAISING 2018/2019


Bacon - Click here for the Notice Click here for Order Form
Orders will be Due Sept 25
Pick up of orders will be Oct 9

Cadet Calendars 4 sale: $20 each, must be sold to adults residing in Alberta and you are getting 68 chances throughout 2019 at cash prizes ranging from $250 to $5,000. Calendars are for sale every Tuesday at parade, see Heather in the lobby. The Last day to sell the calendars is November 27th (or until they run out, which ever comes first0

November/December: Bring in a bottle of Alcohol for the Booze Basket - more details TBA for the draw & ticket sales




Options for this year: Bacon; Bowl, Bike or Wake a Thon; Spaghetti Night; Bottle Drives. If you have any ideas, please bring them forward.

If you have any fundraising questions, please contact:
Madelene Bustard